USO Pathfinder Transition Program

On the path forward, we’ve got your back.

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Armed with their computers and phones, our Pathfinder Scouts are eager to help you create a plan to ensure you are on the right path toward achieving your personal and professional goals! There have been minimal disruptions to one-on-one Pathfinder services, as we shifted Scout meetings to virtual delivery. *Program registration remains open with no disruptions to that process. *

Resources for Your Transition from Military to Civilian Life Support from USO Pathfinders program doesn’t end when you leave the military. USO Pathfinders extends the support and experience to you and your family as you transition from military service into your new civilian community.

Support from USO Pathfinders program offers best-in-class services to those exiting the military. It’s one-of-a-kind approach includes: Personalized assistance - Pathfinder employs scouts, individuals who work one on one with service members and their families to help them achieve their personal and professional transition goals by building and individualized action plan.

*Worldwide access *- The USO Pathfinder program is part of a network of locations - on military installations, and in military communities. No matter where you are going, Pathfinder will help you throughout the process.

*Partnerships *- Pathfinder is connected to long-standing partners in communities across the nation. Its “network of networks” is made up of strategic and supporting partnerships with best-in-class public and private entities that provide services and resources for individuals to use both on a national and local level. Ready to start planning for what’s next? Sign up for the Pathfinder program here:

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